photo by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey). Art/Temple/Shelter by moonlight near the #SaltonSea of Southern California. Im out here this week working on a project with Oakland artist Monica Canilao (@__moreferalthan__) and @newyorkerphoto. by natgeo


Photo: @randyolson | “Airport Security” at the Kalibo International Airport, Philippines. @natgeocreative @thephotosociety @theimagereview @natgeo #philippines #asia #travel #airport by natgeo


Photo by @gerdludwig shot #onassignment for @natgeo. Ever since JFK’s pronouncement “Ich bin ein Berliner,” following the erection of the Berlin wall, many inhabitants of West Berlin had a special place in their hearts for all things #American. Even 25 years after the fall of the Wall, their fascination with American popular culture continues. Barbie: The #Dreamhouse Experience was a unique, life-size and interactive temporary #installation bringing the world-renowned Barbie #dollhouse to life. See the March 2015 issue of National Geographic Magazine for the full story “Two Cities,” by Adam Nicolson which examines two world capitals cast into opposing roles by the #euro crisis: #Athens and #Berlin. @thephotosociety @theimagereview @natgeocreative #travel #Germany #eurozone #selfie #Barbie #culture by natgeo


Derek Henderson
Derek Henderson
California Heat Video
India and Jaydan Velasquez Parkour mix tape

India and Jaydan Velasquez were at Woodward West for Parkour camp. Big thanks to Daniel Arroyo (PR) for filming this and putting it together.

Latest Pics
Latest Pics
Jo Jo’s School Project
Dragon Squirts 2010/2011

Dragon Squirts 2010/2011 by Richie Velasquez from Richie Velasquez on Vimeo.

2009 Recognition Award

We would like to take the time to thank everyone for their vote and continued support for the AIL. As we mentioned on our speech during the event, the AIL is a collaborative effort and we could not make it happen if all of the people involved did not put the effort to positively affect […]

Throwdown edit: By John Considine

bus town throw down from John Considine on Vimeo.

Jo Jo 360′s Box
My Trophy Picture
Mark Webb Photo, By: Me
Uhhhhh… So I won a contest.

I originally went to help host the Bustown Throwdown contest in Columbus Ohio. After repeated pushing by my peers I was forced to enter the best trick contest strictly for entertainment (I suppose somebody wanted to see me kill my self.. which I did kill myself). I went to 720 the gap that Broskow did […]

My New Toy, Canon 50D
Brandi Goulets recent Velasquez kids edit
Next Stop: Columbus, Ohio
Derek Henderson Photoshoot
AIL This Weekend

¬† ¬† Come out, Skate, Compete and hang out with cool people like me. See you out here Location: Woodward West in Tehachapi, CA Cost: $30 per person (includes AIL T-shirt‚Ķ New 2009 design by legendary, Arlo Eisenberg!) BONUS:¬†Bring a friend (someone who has never competed) and you BOTH will get $10 off your registration […]

Going to Bitter Cold Showdown

See you at Bitter Cold>>>>>>>>>>>>

RIP Fionna (Hamster)

Fionna was our Ham-ster. RIP Sept? Р12/22/08 Eulogy: “Fionna… was… a hamster. But she was also more than a hamster. She… um… yeah, she was a hamster.”

Jamison Children’s Center

Saturday, December 21st, Today I was a guest speaker for the Jamison Children’s Center. With the persistence of the Tehachapi Correctional Facility we were able to raise close to $6000.00 to donate toys for the children of the Jamison Center. IT’S GONNA BE A GREAT CHRISTMAS.

Indian And Johanny Skating

Here is some short clips of the Velasquez kids skating.